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Natural Remedies for Anemia

Discover 5 Things You Can Do To Help With Anemia

If you suspect that you might be suffering from anemia, it is possibly caused by a nutritional deficiency.   In that case there are several things you can start eating that should help.   That said, there are other forms of anemia not related to nutrition that do require different treatments.  As always, consult a competent medical doctor if you’d like to find out for sure.

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…If you are suffering from nutritional deficiency anemia, it means that your body is lacking of folic acid, vitamin b12 or iron. We need these nutrients and minerals to produce red blood cells and for the transportation of oxygen to the body through hemoglobin. If your body is not able to get access to the oxygen then it may cause some health risk.

To cure anemia, we have to target the nutritional deficiency that causes it. Supplying the body with the required essential nutrients will reduce the symptoms of anemia and in the long run cure it. Below is a list of natural home remedies and tips for anemia. These remedies are cost effective and safe, they can guarantee long lasting results and prevent recurrence.

Spinach – this leafy green is rich in vitamin E, A, C and B9. It also contains minerals such as iron and calcium. Eating half a cup fresh-spinachof spinach a day can cure your anemia. You get about 3.2 mg of iron from just half a cup spinach…

Apples – apples contain iron and other components that can increase red blood cells in the blood. Adding Beetroot can help boost the effect of the apple since it contains fiber, potassium and folic acid that treat anemia…

Parsley – Parsley is a great source for iron and folic acid. A tablespoon of dried parsley herb contains about 5.5 mg or iron…

Sesame Seeds – Black sesame seeds contain high amounts of iron. You consume it by mixing a teaspoon of black sesame seed in a cup of water, leave it overnight. Strain it in the morning and crush it. Add in a tablespoon of honey and create a paste. Consume this paste twice a day.

Dates – A hundred grams of dates contain about 0.90 mg of iron. Taking in regular doses of dates will increase the hemoglobin in the body and aid anemia….

…other simple things you can do to prevent or cure anemia. Cooking your food in an iron pot will preserve most of the nutrients in them…Sunbathing can help increase red blood cells in the body… Taking cold showers can help improve blood circulation and increase red blood cell count.

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