Study Reveals Cinnamon Effective For Pain Relief

This Is Something The Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know

The results of a recent study published in April 2015 show that during a double-blind trial, natural cinnamon was nearly as effective in relieving menstrual pain than it’s pharmaceutical counterpart, Ibuprofen.  The study gave 114 women a capsule filled with either a placebo, 400 mg of Cinnamon-SticksIbuprofen or 420 mg of cinnamon.   The results were that cinnamon lowered pain significantly better.   These promising results provide some compelling reasons to consider cinnamon powder as a legitimate alternative to pharmaceutical pain medications.   Beyond that cinnamon has been associated with various other health and healing attributed including lowering blood pressure, treatment of impotence, killing microbes, killing parasites, helping toothaches, helping diarrhea and much more.   All these are great reasons to keep some cinnamon on hand!  Here is the conclusion from the study:

“Cinnamon compared with placebo significantly reduced the severity and duration of pain during menstruation, but this effect was lower compared with Ibuprofen. Cinnamon can be regarded as a safe and effective treatment for primary dysmenorrhea. More researches are recommended to study the efficacy of Cinnamon on reducing menstrual bleeding.”

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